We have a long-term commitment to help shape the urban, social, and cultural development of our country.

Texas Development is created by a group of investors, sector specialists, architects with a very successful career, outstanding technicians who are brought together by their dreams to bring to the Albanian construction market the unique experience of combining Italian design, german technologies and the anglo-saxon management.

Our company is a combination of capitals, experiences and ideas to bring luxury construction, exclusive designs and the most avantgarde technologies. Texas Development projects you into the future, puts you at the center of comfort, pays attention to your senses with the elegant choices, and multiplies the value of your initial investment.

We do not offer home to shelter, nor just quality home, we offer living experiences in a new, unique and unrepeatable dimension in Tirana and South Albania.

Driven by the ambition to make a difference in the construction industry in Albania, we are highly dedicated to every project and passionately work for the best results.


Here at Texas Development we believe that building according to european standards, combining the best locations, elegant designs and the latest technologies, makes the urban development and progress of the city the new reality for all of us.

We take pride in being flexible, focused and innovative to successfully bring to life elite projects in the most desired locations in Tirana. We articulate the future, are uniquely resourced with end-to-end services to take clients from inspiration – through conceptualization – to realization of their dream home, commercial space and villa.

Our clients are convinced that buying a superior home is not a waste of money, but a safe investment whose value increases over time. Listening to their needs, integrity and empathy accompany us during daily contact with collaborators and potential clients. For us it is important that they feel valued, appreciated, seen and heard.