About us

Texas Development is created by a group of investors, sector specialists, architects with a very successful career, outstanding technicians who are brought together by their dreams to bring to the Albanian construction market the unique experience of combining Italian design, german technologies and the anglo-saxon management.

Our company is a combination of capitals, experiences and ideas to bring luxury construction, exclusive designs and the most avantgarde technologies. Texas projects you into the future, puts you at the center of comfort, pays attention to your senses with the elegant choices, and multiplies the value of your initial investment.

We do not offer home to shelter, nor just quality home, we offer living experiences in a new, unique and unrepeatable dimension.

Our main objective is to build luxury homes, business spaces and holiday resorts. We are highly dedicated to every project, involving the latest innovative technologies, the best qualitative materials from the most prestigious brands in the market.

Integrity, reliability, innovation and passion about work keep us focused on our goals. To build according to european standards keeping in mind throughout the process the needs and desires of our clients.

We combine our strengths, experiences and creativity to bring out the best final result. We are enthusiastic about improving our lives.

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At Texas, we believe that building according to European standards, combining the best locations, elegant designs and the latest technologies, differentiates us from others.

Our responsibility for the community refers to the protection of the environment through the use of ecological and energy efficient materials, as well as the improvement of life in society by building comfortable apartments, suitable spaces for all types of businesses and green spaces for the whole family.

Our clients are convinced that buying a superior home is not a waste of money, but a safe investment whose value increases over time. Listening to their needs, integrity and correctness accompany us during daily contact with our clients. For us it is important that our clients feel valued and that the buying process is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship.

We want to make people happy and the right way to do that is to bring them home, because there is no better place to be!

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Latest technologies

Our ever-changing world requires new technologies to tackle our new ways of living; as such we have designed our buildings to combat life’s current issues in addition to any future challenges that might arise by using the newest, latest available technologies.

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First class buildings

Our ravish designs will make our clients feel and know that they are in a first-class building of the future. Spacious stylish social areas will make you feel like you’re truly living in a next-generation luxurious resort.

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Green construction

We are confident that through the use of green construction concepts and frontier technology, that only we can provide, you will be able to create a much deeper connection to nature while maintaining high-quality luxuries.

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Future proof

We are positive that our projects are future proof and will live to serve for the good of humanity for a long period of time that they will eventually become to be known as famous urban landmarks.

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Green spaces

We have incorporated a lot of services areas and features to serve the community, we have provided a lot of greenery and created green spaces that grant, not only exquisite scenery, but also the necessary conditions to best combat air pollution and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Facilities management

The facilities management team offers a complete portfolio of maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. The fact that the team is on-site and dedicated to the building means that any issues can be resolved efficiently and to the highest standarts.

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