We involve innovative technologies from the most prestigious brands in the construction industry and implement according to european construction standarts.

Antiseismic structure

We deliver the most innovative seismic protection systems to safeguard against the harshest of earthquakes and tectonic hazards. Modern earthquake engineering that modifies internal and external structures of our buildings using specific methods. The aim is to develop an architecture that offers greater resistance in the event of geological disasters. Seismic factor is a vital process of structural analysis while designing all our buildings.

Energy efficient

Energy-efficiency standards provide multiple benefits to those who own and occupy our buildings. Among the benefits likely to arise are the reduce of energy use for space heating or cooling; reduced electricity use for lighting, office machinery and domestic type appliances; lower maintenance requirements; improved comfort; enhanced property value. Efficient energy consumption in buildings saves lives, reduces medical treatment’s, financial and social costs, and increases the overall wellbeing and the value of the properties.

Water proof

Our buildings are equipped with waterproofing technologies to preserve against heavy rain and humidity. Waterproofing is essential to help reduce moisture levels in the interior surfaces, preventing water damage and structural breakdown across common surfaces such as walls, ceilings, basements, floors, rooftops and, bathrooms. The importance of waterproofing membrane is essential to structural integrity and human health.

Acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation is a great investment for homeowners and businesses. This technology absorbs vibrations and sounds, forming a barrier of material between the source of the noise and the surrounding areas to limit the sound that travels from one place to another. Acoustic insulation is integrated into all our buildings to secure our client’s privacy, and added value to living or business spaces. This technology is essential to gain comfort and health as noise affects people's well-being.

Eco-friendly materials

We have the responsibility to protect the planet we live in. Eco-friendly products are better for both people and the environment than traditional alternatives. They offer numerous benefits, including reducing waste, conserving resources, improving air quality, and even saving money in the long run. With the use of eco-friendly materials, we are not only saving the environment, but we are also saving some money at the same time.